What is an ISA?

Our programme is available through Income Share Agreements. But what does that mean?

Pay nothing until you find a job

Income Share Agreements are a way of paying for your education.

  • There is no deposit and no down payment.
  • You only pay when you find a well-paying job.
  • We make sure you learn what you need to and help you find a well-paying job.
  • Your payments are based on your income. Once you earn more than $75,000 €68,000 £68,000 CAD $99,000 you will start paying a percentage of your income.
  • You will never pay more than $20,000 €15,000 £15,000 CAD $21,000 total
  • If you do not earn more than the minimum amount your ISA is cancelled after 5 years.
  • You will never make more than 19 monthly payments.
  • Once you have reached the payment cap, your payment schedule ends.
ISAs are available in Canada, Europe, UK and USA
Your ISA is over when one of these things happen:
You’ve made 19 payments
You’ve reached your payment cap
You’ve been unable to make a payment for 5 years.
The Numbers
$75,000 €68,000 £68,000 CAD $99,000
You only start paying once you’re earning above the minimum amount.
9% 14% 14% 14%
You only pay 9% of your income for upto 19 payments. You only pay 14% of your income for upto 19 payments. You only pay 14% of your income for upto 19 payments. You only pay 14% of your income for upto 19 payments.
$20,000 €15,000 £15,000 CAD $21,000
The ISA is capped. You will never pay more than the payment cap no matter how high your salary.
If you have to stop working or your salary is below $75,000 €68,000 £68,000 CAD $99,000 your ISA pauses. There is no interest.
5 years
Your ISA expires if you have not met the payment threshold for 60 months.
We’re pioneering ISAs in Europe in Europe for post-graduate education for post-graduate education because we believe in you

We don’t want the cost of tuition to be a barrier to you shaping the infrastructure of the future. The more diverse our engineers, the more universally beneficial the tech will be.

An ISA programme is our way of investing in you and investing in a representative engineering base for blockchain.

If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. This is an important project and we’re in it together.

Visit our FAQ page for more on ISAs

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