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We've taught thousands of successful developers who are already prominent in the field. Our thorough curriculum cuts out the noise and covers all the technologies you need to know to be a stand-out blockchain engineer. Our mentors and instructors will help you ace the programme.
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We know everyone in the industry and our dedicated team will help you get interviews and residencies. We’ll even help you negotiate a stellar salary (that’s how we get paid).
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Income Share Agreements are not debt. You only pay us if you find a great job that pays more than $50,000 €45,000 £45,000 CAD $65,000 per year. And the ISA is capped, so you never pay more than $30,000 €24,000 £24,000 CAD $40,000
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We made a dent in blockchain. Thousands got into the industry through our programmes.

“You guys rock! I'll always remember the gentle, yet direct and precise way you reviewed my code and engaged in conversations in Slack. You guys really kept me motivated and inspired to learn everything I could; you are very knowledgeable and I am still learning from you by reading your answers in stackexchange every other day... never before I learned so much in so little time”

Daniel Portugal, Project Manager, Multifoco Editoração

“The projects where you actually build something yourself was huge and most courses don't have that. Other courses passively walk you through a project step by step, but without hands-on practice it's just not effective learning. It's not a real-world job situation. B9lab creates a more realistic expectation.”

Randall K.

“Rob, Xavier and Adel have spent chunks of time providing me with invaluable code reviews and answered my numerous questions with absolute clarity. Thank you B9lab for providing such an amazing learning experience for the community! And I cannot wait to take more courses from you guys in the future!”

(Jack) Boyuan Xu, Head Course Producer, Computer Science at USC

“I took B9lab course (Ethereum) last year and it helped me getting a job. Course material was great, very helpful and instructors were there when I had doubts.”

Luis H.
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